…and the intro continues…

Hello all! I may sound chipper, but I feel anything but.  Today was rough.  I woke up this morning feel generally good, took my probiotic (which I have started back on), and took a shower.  By the time I was done showering I was starting to feel some brain fog.  By the time I ate some broth my body was in a civil war.  I felt feverish, achy, and sick to my stomach.  I practically skipped my morning lecture for fear of throwing up in front of 350 people, but somehow I braved it.  The nausea has subsided for the most part, but I am achy and TIRED.  Definitely going to bed early tonight.



Day 7 and feeling some improvements!

Although today is officially day 7 of the intro diet, I consider it to be more like day 2 or 3 because of some missteps early on.  Still having GI symptoms although my bloating and gas has decreased dramatically, which has been immensely encouraging.  My meals today consist of duck and chicken broth/ soup and butternut squash as a side.  As a college student it has been a challenge to eat in between classes, but I am starting to manage.  I finally bought a thermos to bring my broth around campus in which will help a lot.

I am lucky that my family lives near campus, so they have been invaluable in helping me make LOTS of broth (My mini-fridge is overflowing).  I still haven’t told my roommates about the diet, although I wonder if they have begun to notice that I’ve only eaten soup for the past week… :-p

Better late than never…

Hello! This blog is intended to be a documentation of my journey as I implement the GAPS diet in an attempt to heal my leaky gut and beat my many food allergies.  I started the intro GAPS diet about a week ago, so I’m a bit behind, but I will try to keep this updated regularly.  My main impetus for writing this is because in my search for advice on this diet, I’ve found that most of the people implementing GAPS are middle aged or children and their parents.  I, on the other hand, am a college student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Go Badgers!).  With little advice out there for people on GAPS that are my age and in my unique position, I thought this blog could help some future GAPS dieters who are college-age and struggling to cope.

Just a little background on my food allergy history and how I came to find GAPS: From what I can remember, I began to struggle with food intolerance symptoms during either 6th or 7th grade.    I finally brought the problems to my parents attention in 8th grade and was told by my doctor that I was lactose intolerant.  About a year and many, many lactase pills later, I was told I had a dairy allergy, so from then on no dairy at all.  Not much longer after, when my symptoms had worsened and I began to lose quite a bit of weight, I was told that I also had Celiac Disease.  For a freshman in high school, this was a hard realization to cope with, but I struggled through.  For all of high school I strictly ate GFDF to varying degrees of success, but gastrointestinal problems regularly persisted (During my sophomore year I was diagnosed with microscopic colitis by my VERY unhelpful gastroenterologist).  Last year, my freshman year of college, I continued this GFDF diet that I have become so accustomed to and began to see my symptoms worsen considerably.  My weight fluctuated and I began to develop additional problems like very low energy.  In the spring of my freshman year I saw a MD that specialized in food intolerances.  He told me yeast was the problem and prescribed me an anti-fungal (Diflucan).  In addition to the medication, he recommended I go on a grain free diet.  This diet showed some improvement in my GI symptoms, but without much of a structure to my diet I lost interest and reverted back to GFDF (Although remembering what he had told me about yeast’s connection to food allergies).  Up until last week, my sophomore year was a continuation of my GFDF diet, although my GI symptoms had deteriorated to the point where it was difficult to maintain a relatively normal lifestyle without the crutch of Imodium.  Last Sunday was my breaking point.  Over 6 years of living on special diets and seeing “specialty” doctors who claimed they knew what they were doing, and I had had it! NO MORE! Late into the night I searched on the web for something ANYTHING that related to healing food allergies and leaky gut.  By chance I found the GAPS diet and was immediately intrigued.  After seeing the results that others had experienced (in combination with my absolute desperation) I knew I had to try it.

My first week has been a struggle, marred partly by me foolishly continuing a doctor prescribed supplement drink (Eo28 Splash) that masked any improvements and practically overdosing on probiotics.  I am just now noticing some slight improvements, but I continue to be optimistic.

I hope someone out there can relate to my situation and find this blog helpful or comforting as I continue this journey.  Although the uncertainty is scary and makes me impatient for results, I know it will come with time.  This first post was mostly just an overview of my background, but I will follow with more concerning my experiences with the diet.  Thank you for reading and good luck with your own journeys to achieve digestive health and happiness!